Hello everyone! I finally finished the Kane Chronicles! The conclusion to the trilogy is called The Serpent's Shadow which I finished today!



1. This was definitely the best of the three. The action picked up A LOT and many of my questions were answered.



2. The only complaint I have about this book is Sadie, one of the protagonists. I was honestly really annoyed by her in this book. Her priorities were absolutely in the wrong places. I mean, the world was ending and she was thinking about which boy she wanted to date -.-



3. Still, the resolution to the story (aka the plot) definitely made up for this. Also, Carter's incredibly noble personality made the story so much better. I loved the characters in this book and some pretty nice plot twists surprised me.


Rick managed to keep up the unique and light humor that he adds in all his series. 4 stars :) Really enjoyed reading this trilogy!