Hello everyone! Today I'll be talking a little about the first two books in the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan!


#1 The Red Pyramid:

The first book is titled "The Red Pyramid". Overall the book was a pretty fun read. Despite this, it was a little bit of a disappointment. I honestly went into this book with really high expectations because of none other than... The Percy Jackson series. If you're not aware, the PJO series is my favorite of all time and the one that got me into reading. Because of this I thought this trilogy would be just as amazing. I think I might have liked it more if I'd have read it four years ago, AKA, the time I read PJO. Still, the book was pretty fun, the characters were pretty well done and the story was ok. The problem with this was that it honestly did not make me feel much. I'm a pretty emotional reader, yet I wasn't very emotional during this book. That is when I can determine that the series is not necessarily my cup of tea. I ended up giving the book a 3.85 stars.


#2 The Throne of Fire:

The second book was actually better. I found the action more interesting and liked the characters a little more. I still don't LOVE Sadie, one of our main characters, but I've come to understand her a little bit. Even though it was better, the story still didn't make me feel much. It is obviously not BAD but I feel like a very important part of my reading experience is just... not present. I ended up giving this one a 3.95 stars. 


I am actually enjoying the series but have gotten sort of tired of it. Hopefully I will finish the third and last book, The Serpent's Shadow, tomorrow. Hope you guys got something out of this review and that you stay tuned for my review on that one!