Alright. Here I go. 

This book was exceptional. "Exceptional" actually doesn't begin to cover it. There were so many plot twists that I honestly did not expect. The action was incredible and the mind games were unbelievable.


Things I'd like to point out about some characters: 


Mistress Coyle

I'll be completely blunt and say I hated Mistress Coyle. I admired her strength, but found her to be kind of bland. Also I thought she let herself be run by her emotions in the worst of times. I see how lots of people might like her, but I just wasn't interested in her character at all. 


The Return

The "Return's" POV in this book made a great difference. The relationship of the Spackle with the world is truly one of the most beautiful things I have read about. I love the concepts of "The Land" and "The Sky". Although his POV opened the reader to literally "a whole new world" I didn't really love this character. I definitely related to his conflictive personality and pitied him in various instances. Despite this, I found him to have a sort of weak personality. (and obviously not happy with what he did in the end...)



Another thing I loved was Todd's character development. I really believe that this is the book where he truly becomes a man. Todd's POV is always so emotional and I find myself feeling everything he feels and just connecting to him in the best way possible. His inability to kill, his love for Viola just... make me so proud of him. But, by far the best thing about him is that he never does lose to Mayor Prentiss.  


The Mayor

This book was a total game changer for my view of Mayor Prentiss. I always loathed him, but admired him. In this book I came to pity and understand him. His love for Todd was obviously very unnerving but it was also sort of beautiful (yeah ok? sue me). How his story comes to an end is incredible. Despite wanting to harm Todd for hurting him, he decides to preserve Todd's reputation of being unable to kill. This is the character I honestly liked the most. I don't like him because of his personality but because of how interesting and brilliantly twisted he was. Patrick Ness OUTDID himself with this villain. Favorite villain yet. 


Concluding thoughts on The Chaos Walking Trilogy

The Chaos Walking Trilogy is a very gloomy series. It is not happy. Despite this, I have enjoyed it so much. By far, this series has been a total game changer for me. I have learned so many things in an incredibly interesting way. This trilogy had some of the most importante themes I've ever read about. These include: What it is to be a man, Slavery, Sexism, Power, War, Love, Death, and so many more. This trilogy went to places I did not ever even begin to think "YA" could go. I have come to place this trilogy in a completely different pedestal than that of my "favorites". I can't say It's my favorite because it isn't. But I have more respect for this series than any other I have ever read.