Read this a while ago, but still wanted to write a review... Hope you enjoy it!



This book was pretty epic. It has definitely been one of the most complex books I've read in terms of the various things that happen all at once. Despite this, the book read like a movie. It was super interesting and pretty fast-paced.


Main Characters: 

Kady was an incredible main character. She has been one of the most real characters I've ever read about. I think her reaction to the situation was very realistic and was pleasantly surprised by that. Kauffman and Kristoff somehow created a main character that was very strong yet realistic.

Ezra was a total sweetie. I loved his positive and outgoing personality; it refreshed the story a little. I also really admired his commitment to Kady. So, needless to say, I loved the relationship between Kady and Ezra.

Ok. AIDAN. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole situation with AIDAN. It was really interesting to read about an AI as complex and intelligent as him. It really surprised me how honestly creeped out I was by him. I also sort of pitied him. What I loved most about his situation was his struggle with understanding humans and how he somehow started experiencing human emotion. Completely and utterly incredible. 


A little summary...

Solid first book in the trilogy. Really enjoyed the format of the book, but it honestly made it kind of hard for me to follow the plot and connect to the characters. Despite this, the story was incredible and the ending was an awesome setup for the rest of the series. (Damn that plot twist) Definitely looking forward to the movie! Recommend to any sci-fi lovers out there.