I really enjoyed this book! It wasn't like anything I've read before, which I think is why I loved it but also made this book a little hard for me to read. 


It's not a typical YA story where the romance plays a big part. Maybe it's not even meant to be a romance. Judge me all you want, but in most of the books that I love romance plays a big part. I'm noy saying that I NEED romance in a book in order to enjoy it, it's just that it felt weird to read a book without it. I'm pretty sure that is what was sort of missing for me. I understand that it was ment to be that way but it'll still take some getting used to for me. ***I didn't take off a full star because of the romance!*** Even though the plot and just everything about this book was incredible, something (that I can't put a finger on) was missing for me. Even though I loved everything, I couldn't bring myself to give it 5 stars.


Despite this, the book was incredible. The characters were amazing. I loved our main character Todd and his character development was great. The world was also really cool. Definitely different but very alike in lots of ways. And of course the plot was amazing. The end just leaves you wanting the second one!


I also wanted to share how much I loved the meaning behind this book. Patrick Ness discusses some topics that are extremely important for any society and usually are not discussed in YA novels. This book makes you think. It makes you question so many of the traditions and customs that we have in our own world and how extremely wrong they are. It also has the best quotes. The quotes in this book made so much sense to me. I usually never remember quotes of a book, let alone the page they are in. This one is my favorite (pg. 42): "The Noise is just a man unfiltered, and without a filter, a man is just chaos walking." Patrick Ness is just a genius.


I would definitely recomend this book to anyone who likes action-packed stories. Even if you're like me and love your romance, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this book. Definitely recomend and definitely trying out the second one!