Just to update you guys on what I have been reading: I have already read the first two books in the VA series and have ADORED THEM. I haven't done a review for each book because since I'm probably marathoning this series, I want to review the entire series as a whole. So far it has been amazing and I'm sure the series will get better and better with each book!! If you are kind of skeptical about this series because its about vampires, don't worry, so was I. But, I can not begin to explain how wrong I was! If you are looking for a funny but not ridiculous series to read, please no matter your age or genre prefrence PICK THIS UP!!! Obviously, I definitely recomend this series; it really surprised me! (Don't let the covers fool you) (Also, if you saw the movie, please give the book a chance. It is so much better, its not even normal.)