Hello again guys! So today I'm reviewing Cinder by Marissa Meyer! So this book was pretty good; I gave it a 3.5 stars. I think I didin't give it a higher rating because, first, it was the introduction to the series and these are typically a little slow. And, I honesly dove into this book with really high expecatations.
Ok so now I'll dive into a little more detail. So overall I really liked the book. I think Marissa did a really good job in the "fairy tale retelling" aspect of this book. You see lots of things from the original story of Cinderella but it is much more different in a good way. 

I thought Cinder was a kick-butt character! I loved her comebacks and how strong she remained throughout the novel despite the many, many problems she faced. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Prince Kai!! He was so funny and charming and amazing! I found it very refreshing the way Marissa made the relationship between Cinder and Peony. I think that the fact that Cinder was actually friends with one of her stepsisters gave the story a really good spin to it. I loved Iko! The fact that she was an android and ahe actually had a personality of her own was very interesting. And obviously I hated Adri and Pearl. I relly don't have much to say about them other than that. 

For some weird reason I loved Queen Levana. I think that Marissa did an exceptional job in creating her. She is the perfect villan and she is smart and strong and Marissa did a very good job at making me hate her, which is what every writer wants in a villan ;) I thought the Lunars were very interesting. I hope that in the next books there is more explanation as to what the Lunars are and what they are capable of.  

Resolutions- Now, I really did not expect that Peony or Iko died. Though I do think it was kind of necessary in a way.  I hated that things between Kai and Cinder never got resolved at the end!! I really wanted a reunion or some kind of talk at the end but it didin't happen :( Also it was just perfect that Cinder was really Princess Selene. I will admit that it didn't really come as a surprize. :/ 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!